Terms & conditions

All orders are subject to acceptance and confirmation by Peterprentjies.


Grant or decline any application, the applicant will be informed if the application was denied or excepted by Peterprentjies within 3 working days.

Postpone the shipment if proof of payment has not been received.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the applicant shall not:

Appoint any Agent, Sub-Agent, Person or Entity to re-sell any Peterprentjie products.

Sell the products to any Person or Entity whom they know or have reason to believe intends to re-sell the products.

Wholesaler orders may not be placed on the online store. The wholesaler needs to send this document to info@peterprentjies.co.za for processing. This method will ensures the most efficient and accurate despatch and delivery of goods.

Minimum order requirements will be specified with each product in this document.


The prices for all Peterprentjies products shall be the current wholesale price charged in this catalogue. After Peterprentjies received this document, a quote will be sent in order to assure that we received the correct information.


All prices are subject to change without notice. Although every endeavour has been made to ensure that prices are correct and up to date as possible, prices can and do change without notice. We recommend that you check each invoice carefully to be aware of any price changes.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment for all products shall be due when the quote has been accepted. We will then send you an invoice for payment after we have received your approval of the quote via email. After receiving the proof of payment (compulsory) for the balance of the invoice, we will contact the couriering service for collection and provide the wholesaler with a tracking number.

Please ALWAYS use the invoice number for the order placed as reference when sending proof of payment.

All accounts will be on a basis where the wholesaler needs to pay the outstanding balance before shipment.

Loss caused by any factor beyond Peterprentjies control.

Failure to deliver the goods by any specified dates, we depend on a couriering service which may not be able to deliver at a specific time or date. We can however provide an estimated date.

Loss consequential to any of the above.

Damage to goods after shipment.

All claims for defective products should be made in writing to Peterprentjies. Peterprentjies’ liability for

defective products and loss caused by defective products is limited at our option to either:

Replacing the defective products; or

Refunding the price of the products rejected.

Peterprentjies will inspect the product which contains a defect and follow the above options only if we can find that the fault was from our side. Each product undergoes a QA test before shipment.

Delivery of products shall be complete when possession of the products is taken by the wholesaler directly, or when the products are delivered to a carrier, courier, or other means for purposes of transmission to the wholesaler.

 Peterprentjies will make all reasonable efforts to meet any date for delivery agreed upon with the wholesaler, however will otherwise endeavour to deliver the products within a reasonable time. Peterprentjies strive to deliver to wholesalers within 7-12 working days due to wholesalers purchasing products in bulk. Peterprentjies will inform wholesalers if we will not be able to meet a deadline for delivery.

All claims for damage or adjustment for incorrect delivery must be advised in writing to Peterprentjies within two (2) days of receipt of products and must be supported by the invoice number. If no complaint is received within these two (2) days, then the wholesaler shall be deemed to have accepted that the products were correctly delivered and charged. No products will be accepted for return without our prior written consent (email). Freight for any returns is at the expense of the wholesaler unless otherwise agreed in writing from Peterprentjies. Peterprentjies will only pay for the return costs if the fault was on our side.

Without prejudice to such other rights as Peterprentjies may have, Peterprentjies reserves the right to request from the wholesaler such security as they may from time to time think is desirable, to secure all sums due to Peterprentjies, and may refuse to supply further goods to the wholesaler until such security is given.

Ownership of the products is retained by Peterprentjies until payment is made in full for the products which will be supplied to the wholesaler. Only after receiving the full payment, the products will be shipped to the wholesaler.

All products and illustrations produced is the intellectual property of Peterprentjies. Wholesalers are not allowed to claim that the intellectual property is bought from Peterprentjies when products are purchased. The wholesaler may under no circumstances reproduce any of the Peterprentjies products. Peterprentjies contains all the rights and intellectual property of all products produced. The wholesaler may under no circumstances claim that they are the owner / creator of Peterprentjies, however all wholesalers may promote themselves as stockists / wholesalers of the Peterprentjies brand.

These Terms constitute a security agreement between the parties; to secure full payment of the price for the goods and compliance with the wholesaler obligations set out in these Terms.